women supporting community

When our clients started making first progress and we kept recording their success stories, we noticed that a big part of their streamlining professional and business success was happening because of the masterminding and sisterhood, and mutual support which was established during the programs.


We knew exactly what could help them progress even further and build on the momentum, and we created RiseAssist Women Support community.


Since 2016 we are meeting every 3-4 weeks to learn more from the expert guest speakers, network and brainstorm further development opportunities, share success stories, practice and support, and simply build new relationships and friendships.


You can read some press releases of 2016 event on our blog!


In fact, a lot of RiseAssist graduates found their new business partners, employees and new friends during the courses and community events!


If you are a woman living in the UAE and you are looking for ways to develop personally and professionally and meet like-minded ladypreneurs and careerists, you can also attend our next events!


They are 100% FREE, and you can become a part of our community right now!


Join our closed Facebook community group (only for women) to receive updates about our next meet ups!