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If Noone Wants To Hire You, Create a Business Which Hires Others.

5 years ago one of our students asked the following question on the first day of the RiseAssist Virtual Assistant program: "What can I do if noone wants to hire me?"

She was a talented, hard working and incredibly fast learning student clearly held back by doubts, fears and worries. Her name is Heba.

Heba had a passion for event planning, but she never believed that someone would pay her to do it professionally.

She had no previous working experience or impressive university degree, and so she believed that her only chance to earn was a virtual assistant career.

After a few conversations (in and out of the classroom), I’ve asked her to work on a project for course assignment purposes, imagining that she’s writing a business plan for a client, who is a professional event organizer.

She did great. That business plan was almost perfect.

Next, I’ve asked her to put together a project plan for the same imaginary client with a timeline covering all the action items and execution steps necessary to action the big business plan within a year.

This was a challenging task, but she persisted, researched, asked for feedback and created an incredibly detailed project plan.

She presented the project to the group and won the best project of intake award (voted for by her peers).

After the presentation, she said to the group:” When I was working on these plans and presentations, I’ve realized that all this time I’ve been creating my own business plan.

I saw clearly that all the resources I needed to start my dream business are already available to me. So, I want to announce that I’ll be starting my own event planning business in Dubai.”

Now, it’s the time for the most interesting part. A usual offline RiseAssist program is 4 weeks long.

My student made the breakthrough discovery at the end of week 3.

By the end of week 4 she was graduating with 3 clients!

A part of her story is featured in this interview starting 4:25

Her business is thriving and now providing jobs to others.

One day no one wanted to hire her though.

So, if you ever feel upset by the fact that no one is hiring you, remember the story of my unstoppable student Heba, who turned the same situation into an incredible life changing opportunity.

She did it. You can do it, too!

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