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one of its kind canadian accredited coaching program helps career-oriented women achieve their career goals in a short period of time.

We help you become a top-notch Executive/Personal Assistant for C-Suite & HNWI by taking you through a transformational journey- showing you innovative software tools, unique practical techniques and systems from award-winning industry experts.



We helped hundreds of women with more than 100 success stories!

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How our coaching can help you achieve your career goals?



Coaching is a result-oriented process of engaging in regular, structured conversation with a recipient with a goal of enhancing the awareness and behaviour in order to develop and reach the goals of the recipient. 


If you are unsure of your goals, a part of our job is to help you determine where would you like your career path to go, and to develop a plan for achieving those goals.



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Why do executive and personal assistants find it so hard to have their goals achieved these days?


The common perception of "Executive/Personal Assistant" role sometimes limits the opportunities for career-oriented professionals.


Previously, Executive Assistants were performing basic admin and secretarial duties and had to stay behind the scenes.


Fortunately, the role revolution started happening in 2010 and Executive Assistants role has transformed to an actual Business Partner, the right hand to C-Suite Executive or HNWI!


How can you keep up with the change, and what does this mean for you?


 If you are a careerist, and you are ready to climb the corporate ladder- EA/PA role is a perfect place to start. However, you need to be fully prepared for the challenges of this busy role:


  • Tech Savviness (Knowledge of tech tools and systems to get work done faster and better)


  • Productivity and organization

In order to help your boss become more productive, you need to organize your own working life first!


  • Goal Setting and Career Planning Roadmap


if you don`t have a goal, you are heading nowhere.

if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Let`s set your goals together, and plan on how you can achieve them in a short period of time!


  • Efficiency


A C-Suite Executive works on average 10 hours a day, every day.

In order to make his/her life easier and help him/her execute the big business plan, you need to focus your efforts, deliver fast and avoid making mistakes.


"Efficiency is the core currency of any top-notch 21 Century Executive Assistant"


- Madina Akhmedova, Award-winning Admin Industry Contributor, Speaker and Author


Let Us Help you Increase your Core Currency!



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