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Career Platform

LEAP is an innovative career platform with inbuilt cutting-edge artificial intelligence.


We are a platform created to make the lives of hiring managers and recruiters a whole lot easier.


By using AI, LEAP’s technology sifts through the stacks of online CVs to find you the perfect candidate for the role and for your company - the right candidates are put to the top of the applicant list, a win-win for users and employers! 


Not looking for a job right now?


That’s okay, LEAP is here to support you throughout your career journey so you can find career articles, resources and videos as well as access to professional coaches who are dedicated to your development.

 The Way Women, a global online community and career advice site for ambitious working women in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East that guides women's advancement in culturally relevant ways. Since 2010The Way Women Work has been on a mission to unleash women’s economic potential, so they collaborate and partner with business and professional women’s organizations around the world to share, targeted career advice and opportunities.


Founder Rania Habiby Anderson is originally from the Middle East, and grew up around the world intimately aware of the opportunity gap that girls and women face. After a successful corporate career and 20 years as business coach, she is the leading expert on women's career advancement in growth economies. Her award-winning book, UNDETERRED: The Six Success Habits of Women in Emerging Economies, was developed out of stories and interviews with over 250 women. It shares the examples of women like you succeeding around the world and specific actions you can take to accelerate your own success.


You can sign up for free monthly advice and tips from Rania here and buy your own copy of Undeterred here.  

To book Rania for your event or conference or coaching reach out here. 












Mompreneurs Middle East empowers female entrepreneurs in the region with the entrepreneurial education and community support they require to start and scale their businesses. It is a platform that connects businesses together and allows entrepreneurs to share expertise, advice, recommendations and contacts.
Mompreneurs ME is founded on the vision that “Empowered Mothers Raise Empowered Children”, and therefore champions women’s empowerment in the region through entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship.
Mompreneurs Middles East tackles the four main challenges that entrepreneurs face on their journey: Mentorship, Fundraising, Education and Community Support. This is achieved through our Flagship course: Mompreneur Rising, events such as The Global Mentoring Walk - Dubai Chapter, and other activities and initiatives throughout the year.
Mompreneurs ME also supports the community of entrepreneurs by providing them access to specialized events and exhibitions taking place in the region.
Collectively, the community of female entrepreneurs is stronger and better able to compete in today’s business environment where information sharing and mentorship leads to the collective success of all members.

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Instagram: @MompreneursME

Our Why
Empowered Mothers raise Empowered Children who are our Future Leaders.

Our Vision
A world in which mothers are accomplished and fulfilled. They have found harmony between their roles as a mother and entrepreneur and they feel empowered.

Our Mission
Empower mothers to find balance, harmony, and success in their personal and professional lives through entrepreneurial education and mompreneurship.

Our Core Values
Integrity, Growth, Impact, Harmony, Collaboration